Our Journey 

Travis and I have been Painting Stuff Together since day one, and it is still one of our favorite things to do.

As people who get so much satisfaction from being creative, we tend to have A Lot

of "Loves" and not much focus or direction. It can be a blessing and a curse.

(Ask any artist you know.)

But, after years of creating & experimenting, our "True Loves" have surfaced & risen to the top of our lists. This business is the result. 


Travis loves and lives in the technical world. He spends his time as a freelance videographer. Filming, editing and all things video related are truly his passion. All props go to him for the videos featured on this site. He also enjoys creating c ustom digital  portraits and amazingly, layered digital doodles. See for yourself at TravisDoodles.com and order  something  while you're  at it.  

I love hands on, messy art. Blank canvases and acrylic paint are a necessity of life. Or give me a wall that needs a mural and i'll be happy. I'm also obsessed with interior decorating. There's something so special about being a part Of The transformation. Most importantly, though, I'm a teacher at heart. I'd choose helping someone create over making something for myself any day.


Now it's Your Turn to CONNECT!




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